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Level 4

Drench yourself in vertical bliss in our Heartland X2 Vertical. Powered by 24 High Pressure 800 watt UVA tanning lamps, this incredible bronzing system delivers immediate color for dazzling results in just a 10-minute session.

Level 3

Achieve ultimate dark bronze tanning results through our Heartland 5400. Combining technology and design, this attractive unit offers you the tanning results you desire. The features include shoulder reflector, facial tanner, and a 12-minute session option.

Suntime Indoor Tanning has been in business since 1988. We are family owned and operated!

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Level 3

The Orbit Tanning bed is great for people on the go. It only takes about 12 minutes; once you reach your desired tan, you only need one treatment about every 5 days to keep it perfect. The Orbit bed gives you a gentle and even tan. It is elliptical in shape so that you get a tan all over.

Get the Tanned Look You're Going for

Whether you want a dark bronze tan or just a little color, you'll receive the exact look you're going for with our safe effective tanning equipment.

Level 3

The Ultra Sun Power Tower is equipped with 60, 180-watt tanning lamps. This spacious unit offers you the tanning results you desire in just a 12-minute session.

Level 2

The SunDome is a specially designed tanning both shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity so you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. You will love the quick, 10-minute no contact tanning session in the SunDome tanning booth.

Level 2

Get some sun on those hard to tan areas of your body in VHR Stand Up. 4 Times the tanning potential compared to Level 1, but as gentle as our level 3 beds. Lose the lines and be proud to show off your beautiful tan. It is a 10-minute session.

Level 1

The Sunstar tanning unit offers a deep tan in a relaxing environment. It is ideal for those who wish to lie back and relax during the tanning experience. This bed significantly exceeds the power of many other "standard" beds and could take up to two hours or more of the outdoor sun to replicate the depth of tan found in just a single 20-minute session.

UV-free tanning

Norvell Airbrush Spray Tanning is a customized, worry free, spray tan that is performed by one of our technicians to your color specification. Call any of our salons to schedule an appointment.

Prior to your Airbrush Tan (pre-tan care)

  • The day of your spray tan, you should shower and exfoliate. The better you exfoliate, the longer your spray tan will last and the more evenly it will stay on.

  • You should also try to shave or wax, have pedicures or manicures the day before your spray tan.

  • Wear a nail polish to your appointment so that your fingernails and toenails do not discolor.

  • After showering, DO NOT apply any lotion, makeup, deodorant, or perfume. These can affect the absorption of DHA resulting in streaking and / or minimal color.

  • Wear loose, dark clothing and underwear to your tanning appointment. Try to avoid wearing jeans and tight pants after spray tan is applied.

  • Try to avoid white and / or the wearing of fine material clothing; the solution washes out most fabrics.

  • Wear open sandals or flip flops to your tanning appointment.

6 - 8 hours after your Airbrush Tan (post-tan care)

  • DO NOT GET ANY PART OF THE SPRAY TAN WET FOR AT LEAST 6 HOURS. No water, sweat, shower, lotion, perfume, makeup, or deodorant. If the spray tan gets wet during the initial darkening process (the first 6-12 hours), there will be imperfections in the finished product.

  • Be careful when washing your hands and doing other activities as this may cause tan or streak until your first shower.

  • When you take your first shower, do not use soap. Only warm water wash. You will see some color wash away from your skin. This is completely normal.

  • After showering, apply a full body moisturizer twice a day if possible. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer and slows down the process of natural skin exfoliation.

  • DO NOT sit directly on leather or light fabric seats and furniture after your tanning session. Sit on a towel or cloth instead.

Introducing the Pura Sunless Automated Airbrush

You’re only 4 minutes away from looking fabulous! The Pura Heated Sunless system uses a gentle trinity mist set up to ensure a flawless glow with just two simple positions. While our custom airbrush is still the best way to get the perfect tan for you, this is the best Airbrush we’ve seen without a technician. With four sensors and a soothing voice guide, allow Pura to take you on a journey to sunless perfection.


There are three spa treatments from Pura at your disposal: pH balancing primer, sunless bronzing, and a hydration treatment, which together give you a long lasting, healthy glow. First, the pH balancing tea tree oil treatment, infused with Vitamin E to help prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, helps moisturize and soften your skin.


Skin Prep also helps fight fine lines and wrinkles with the power of green tea while chamomile extract smooths and calms the skin. Next, choose from Clear and Bronzer solutions and a wide array of darkness options. What you’ll really love about Pura Sunless tanning is the little extras that make your skin look great and feel great as well. Things like aloe vera help to heal, soothe, and moisturize skin, Vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals and support collagen production, and melanin helps to promote even better tanning results. Lastly, our Hydrator keeps your skin nourished and moisturized to help maintain an even glow.


Coming soon, try our PuraBright skin brightening solution! This formula reduces dark spots, refines pores, and softens the skin, for all over beautiful skin.

Pura Sunless Automated Airbrush